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Quality, Dependable, Year-Round Landscaping and Property Maintenance


Looking for a reliable company to take care of your landscaping and property maintenance through all four seasons?

Patrick Ryan Property Maintenance will keep your yard, gardens, driveways, and all your landscaping beautiful and safe.

Firewood for Sale, Delivery & Stacking

Half Cord $200  /  Full Cord $300

Kiln Dried Firewood: Half Cord $325  /  Full Cord: $550

Prices include delivery. Stacking starts at $100.

Call or Text: 631-896-0275

Get In Touch to Start Planning for Spring

Winter Cleanup / Annual Planting / Mulching / De-Thatching / Flower Beds

Call or Text for a Free Estimate: 631-896-0275

We’re Here Even When You’re Not

Our Property Management Services will maintain your home or building when you are away. So whether you're traveling for business, on vacation or living somewhere else while you sell your property we'll keep it in top shape.


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Why Choose Patrick Ryan Property Maintenance?

One Dependable Source - Don't rely on different companies for different seasons. Keep your property and landscaping in good hands all year round.

Owner Always On Call – With Patrick Ryan's direct phone number it's always easy to get in touch with us​.

Licensed and Insured – Working with a proven professional means you and your property are always legally protected.​

15 Years and Hundreds of Happy Customers – We've been in the landscaping business for over 15 years and  we continue to build a growing list of satisfied, permanent clients.​

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